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Server News

  • Sunday, 23rd November 2014 at 20:56 GMT

    • Arion and Marriage servers will be in maintenance for the next 12-24h. A small gift compensation will be delivered to all players after maintenance is over. Thank you for your patience!

  • Thursday, 6th November 2014 at 23:11 GMT

    • 1. during december Dex will launch a God Glory Days fresh server including a new antibot protection. Beta for this server will start in november so we can adjust things based on players sugestions . Rate 2-3 x

      2&3 . (We dont know yet the order :) )
      We plan to allow players to have fun in a hellbound server l2off low rate for those who miss old time chronicles and we will open a high five low rate 5-7x . Opening date : january 2015 .

  • Wednesday, 22nd October 2014 at 09:52 GMT

    • On the eve of Halloween on all servers of the project will start everyone's favorite The Fall Harvest Event!

      Event runs during the following dates:

      • October 24 to November 3: Main event period. Event items drop from monsters.
      • November 3 to November 5: Event items no longer drop from monsters. The event NPC remains in town to exchange Nectar for event items.

      Obtain Nectar

      Go hunting during the main event period to pick up nectar that drops from monsters. Note that the drop rate increases when the server population increases during the server’s peak play hours.

      There is also a possibility of obtaining Cloned Squash Seeds and Cloned Large Squash Seeds from monster drops.

      Cloned Squash Seed Summons a Young Squash. Not tradable. Obtained From Monster
      Cloned Large Squash Seed Summons a Large Young Squash. Not tradable. Obtained From Monster

      Obtain Squash Seeds

      Speak to Puss the Cat in any major town to trade Nectar for Squash Seeds or Large Squash Seeds. He will also sell you Chrono weapons, which can be used to smash Large Squashes.

      Chrono Weapons A musical weapon that is required in order to smash
      open a Defective Large Squash, High Quality Large
      Squash, or Emperor Squash.
      Puss the Cat, 1 weapon for 10 Nectars

      Squash Seed Summons a Young Squash. Tradable. Puss the Cat, for 1 Nectar
      Large Squash Seed Summons a Large Young Squash. Tradable. Puss the Cat, for 50 Nectars

      Summon and Grow a Young Squash

      • Double-click on a Squash Seed or Cloned Squash Seed in your inventory to summon a Young Squash.
      • Help the Young Squash grow by using Nectar on it. To do this, target the Young Squash and right-click on Nectar in your inventory.
      • A squash will disappear 3 minutes after summoning no matter what state it is in, so be sure to cultivate it with Nectar and smash it open before it disappears!
      • After consuming 5 Nectars, the Young Squash will grow into a Defective Squash, High Quality Squash, or a King Squash. A Large Young Squash will grow into a Defective Large Squash, High Quality Large Squash, or an Emperor Squash. A squash will only evolve once into one of these three possible states, depending on the seed used. After it has evolved, Nectar can no longer be used on the squash, and it is time for the squash to be smashed.

      Smash Your Squash

      A regular Squash can be cultivated and opened by a single player easily.

      A Large Squash can be cultivated easily but can only be smashed open with a Chrono Weapon, and it is difficult to open a Large Squash alone. Group up with friends that all have Chrono Weapons and take on the Large Squashes together to ensure that you open it in time.

      Smash open your squash can collect rewards!

  • Friday, 10th October 2014 at 14:14 GMT

    • Search and destroy!!!

      Every week, NPC killer Beatrix visits all worlds of Lineage 2.
      Certain time, she appears into the gaming worlds and kills all people of Elmore Aden.

      Authorities of declare reward for Beatrix head!
      Player, who could find famous killer and who will destroy her, get ToDs as Reward.

      More information about the mechanics of event:

      Once a week,we open a worldwide hunt for Beatrix.
      Finding she will not be difficult, because the announcements will alert you about her location.
      But killing her is not easy, she's very strong and treacherous, if hunters will not be enought , she will destroy them.

      The main task of the participants is to be ready for fast regroup, watch for our game announcements, find the target and destroy it!

      The player that will cause a decisive blow, gets 150 ToD.

      The event is not long, the approximate time is no more than 30 minutes.

      During this time there will be 3 of the race, with three murders and three winners.

      Dates the emergence of Beatrix in gaming worlds:

      Nanna - Friday at 22:00 (UTC +4)
      Legacy - Thursday at 22:00 (UTC +4)
      Lionna - Wednesday at 22:00 (UTC +4)

  • Saturday, 27th September 2014 at 15:45 GMT

  • Thursday, 25th September 2014 at 19:39 GMT

    • Changes from 24.09.2014 on Legacy C4 x50 server LIVE DATE 26 SEPT
      • Offline trade:
        • Offline trade activation command .offline
        • No payments for offline shop use, but you need to have 1 adena in inventory.
        • Activity time market - 96 hours.
        • Not allowed to trade near GateKeeper in all towns.
        • In Giran, Aden and Goddard, shopping areas are demarcated.

      • Seven sings:
        • Cycle - in 7 days (4 days - event period; 3 days - seal period)
        • Seven sings start at Monday.
        • Period of Event: monday 18:00 - friday 06:00
        • Period of seals: friday 06:15 - monday 17:45

      • Battle areas near dungeon entrances to Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Zaken.

      • Grand Olympiad:
        • Activation data – 1 October
        • Olympiad period – 2 weeks
        • Olympiad goes every day at standard time (Remember, server time is +3 GMT!)
        • Class fights every day.
        • To start class/non-class fights need 5 Noblesses.